What Is VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting ?

A virtual machine provided by internet hosting service is called as virtual private server (VPS); this works as the physical computer on the same computer and virtually on other computers. And it can be configured to run server software. Virtualization is the concept of


server virtualization as in time sharing and multi programming which traditionally models the operating system by sharing access to the resources. Virtualization is the sharing with the virtual server model which provides the illusion of more than one system, hard drive and printer etc. Virtualization provides high level security because the virtual servers are isolated from each other. And each virtual server can run its operating system and reboot independently. For a business people, this is helpful because the older application can be run on other system with newer applications but on the same server.

A VPS hosting solution is a single physical server divided into few virtual machines. The server resources are distributed into each part but each VPS gets its own allotted resources that are operated independently. VPS hosting is a flexible and economical hosting that can reach the needs of the website. It’s the best solution for those want their website but not to be flipped on the server. Shared hosting is cheap but the resources are limited. It’s just like our site in hosted in a machine with the bunch of other sites and each sharing the same resources. One should have the technical knowledge of dedicated server to run them. And dedicated hosting is best for large sites which carry large database with lots of traffic.

VPS hosting have its enhanced security and additional opportunities which helps you to start your own online business. There are various hosting plans which provide the best quality services. Whatever VPS plan we choose, we will get the root access. Through which we can install or delete any software, creating accounts, setting permissions in our way. Same we can do with the dedicated server but with surpass hosting services we can get this things in the couple amount of the dedicated server cost.VPS hosting service allows us to run scripts or software without affecting the virtual server. It is more secured than shared hosting account that it will never get hacked and the sites will be relevant.

While choosing the sites to hold your company website and provide us the fast, reliable, affordable, quality based hosting services all over the world, just check out that whether the site provides the fast and friendly web support solutions to any individual or to an organization. And also takes care of three points –

  • Superior quality service

The service provider should be careful about the quality of service and should provide the service which you deserve. And let us feel that we have invested in powerful and highly efficient micro servers. The data which they provide should be monitored by highly qualified technicians. And the third party monitoring services should ensure the issues and get it rectified as soon as possible.

  • Fast and friendly support

The technical support provider should be available anytime when customers face any kind of problem. The staff members should be loyal and promptly resolve their  hosting related issues with utmost care.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

If at any point within 60 days the customer feels unsatisfied with the service as the service does not fits to their requirement then the company should pay the money back without throwing any queries to the customer.


Hence VPS hosting makes a perfect balance between the shared hosting and the dedicated server. Some sites provide the full root access, control panel access and the plans which are completely customized suiting our specific needs. These plans can be easily upgraded as our website grows.

Written by Tripathi Kinjalk

Kinjalk Tripathi is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog MethodToEarn.Com. He writes topics related to SEO, Blogging ,Make Money Online, Reviews etc. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or send him email at tripathi.kinjalk@gmail.com

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