Top 10 Free WordPress Themes 2013 For Bloggers

Starting a blog is relatively easy, but generating quality traffic to it and most importantly keeping your visitors engaged requires most of all great design. In WordPress, you have access to dozens of theme designs for free and you can test each one to see, which works best for you. However, if you want to make your blog rather unique, you need to use premium template or create one yourself.

I did some research and came up with this list of  WordPress themes 2013 specially selected for bloggers.

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes for 2012


For novice bloggers, its not advisable for an initial investment in themes and instead go with free one, even professional bloggers can even use it. All the templates are well designed and SEO optimized for better usability of the users, just install any of the below theme as per your choice from the below listed Top 10 Free WordPress Themes of 2013.


1. CrossBlock – Magazine Type

Crossblock is specially designed and perfectly meant for bloggers, it have attractive magazine type look, and can suit for any blog niche. It comes with SEO optimization in-built and other media features like sharing, thumbnail, pagination, sidebars, menu, header, etc


2. Radial – Premium Blog Theme

Radial is one of the premium theme featured with fantastic design and better navigation, one can use this template as in blog or business website even. Adorned with attractive and finished outlook it features WC3 valid coding for better search engines ranking. Further it is SEO rich and fast to load premium WordPress Theme


3. FunGus – Free Blog Template

FunGus is one of the WordPress template which is freely available and fashioned with professional look. Further features includes SEO optimized, thumbnail, sidebar, social media sharing, widgets, etc


4. Smoke – Technology Enabled

Smoke is the finest available technology based WP theme absolutely meant for Tech websites, Magazine View and can even by used by any niche Blogger. One can use this theme for business and shopping site use. This theme is fast loading with the features of SEO optimization enabled, thumbnail, featured view, etc.


5. ColorBold – Free Professional Theme

ColorBold is the unique theme freely available and its very commonly chosen by many of the novice and professional bloggers. Its very easy loading, having pagination, iQuery, etc.


Free WordPress Themes 2013

6. Planet Hosting – Premium Theme for Web Hosting

If you looking to start an web host company then this is the best WordPress theme which will make your further designing task easy as it comes will all type of required coding that is needed for hosting company website.


7. WEBFolio – An Portfolio Theme

if you need to create an portfolio of something, this WEBFolio is the best option available, this is the WP template which is specially meant for to create an highlights for any thing like videos, photos, etc.


8. The Developer – Premium Template

The Developer is the premium WP theme having very unique and dashing look to suit for any business or developer’s website. Its cleanly coded for easy and fast loading of the website and is loaded with all required specifications.


9. Understand – Custom Theme

This is the theme which is made for an custom made, meant for photo gallery website, you can even use it as blog or website because it has fine features like fast loading, Image SEO Optimization, etc.


10. Business Design – Premium Professional Looking

If you need an perfect WP template for your business website, then only opt for this option. This theme is specially meant for business use and is even loaded with many great features.


So , I have now listed about the Top 10 Free WordPress Themes of 2012 which are quite latest and comes up with great features & awesome designs. Now it’s all up to you, just choose any of the themes listed above which you think will suit the best for your blog.

Hope you have liked this guide. If you have any issues regarding the same, then do let us know via leaving a comment just below.

Written by Tripathi Kinjalk

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