Who is #SonamGupta and Why she’s in headlines today?

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If you belong India (Specially North India), You must have heard about Sonam Gupta. Since last week, this name has been in news and If you google about Her, You’ill a damaged, dirty 10 Rs. Indian currency note, on which “सोनम गुप्ता बेवफा है” (Sonam Gupta Bewfa hai) is overwritten which mean “Sonam Gupta is disloyal” in English.

Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai

This note as well as Sonam Gupta is in highlights specially since the demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rs. Indian currency notes. Many People are making jokes on her in social media.

Exclusive Interview with Sonam Gupta

Now we are with an exclusive Interview with Sonam Gupta, In which she will clarify whether she is disloyal? If yes, then Why? Please play video below and enjoy it..

The “Issue”

Dear readers, It seems a fun to crack joke on her name but  Do you know, many girls entitled Sonam are facing mental pressure and in great depression from these things. They are continuously being annoyed on social media. A 12th student with same name in Mumbai tried to commit suicide.

Mainstream media is also acting like social media, their headlines are like “Sonam gupta ki Bewafai ka sach”. Is it should be the headlines? Is this the status of so called national level media and 4th pillar of democracy? Should the topic of prime time be like this? Think so called journalists, You are defaming an Indian Girl’s name. You’re really a piece of crap and should be sold on OLX.

The “Appeal”

Dear Indians, commit and swear today,

We will never overwrite our currency and keep it clean.

Do you know? It costs a lot of to recall damaged currency notes and replace them with new notes. This is a big concerning for RBI. Only Public awareness can help to fight with this issue. If we commit to keep our notes clean, we can help RBI, government and also our country. So take oath .. Keep currency notes clean and contribute in a better future.

(P.S. – Sorry for my average English.)

– Kinjalk Tripathi

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