How to Make Your Mobile Not Reachable ?

Make Your Mobile Not Reachable!

We sometimes don’t want to receive calls at a particular time. But the caller understands that we are not answering call. If you switch off your phone ,then caller thinks that you switched off your mobile to get rid from him.So make your phone not reachable and the caller will thought that its a network problem. You don’t need to remove sim card!

make your mobile not reachable

Tricks To make your mobile not reachable:

1. Remove Battery Directly When your phone is on

It’s most easiest trick.You only need to remove battery of your mobile when it is working. The network will not get any idea of you switching off the mobile. Remember ! Don’t switch off your phone before removing battery.

2. No-signal spots inside your house:
You may find some places in your house with low/no mobile network signal. You can keep your phone there and try calling to it. If you hear ‘not reachable’, then that’s what another caller will hear too.
But it’s not foolproof. The signal strength fluctuates continuously and some time the caller may be able to ring your phone.

Make your Mobile Phone Unreachable


3. Switch off your mobile while not reachable:
Make sure you are not in the mobile network’s reach. Now switch off the mobile phone. The network will not get any idea of you switching off the mobile. Now wherever you go, the network will think your mobile is still unreachable.

4. Make your phone Unreachable with Wrong operator selection

Open Menu Go to Settings> Phone Setting > Operator Selection and select Manual!

Now your phone will search for available operators. Select any other network except your own network (i.e. If you are using BSNL, select Tata Docomo). You will get an error message No network access! Now look at the signal bar. It is empty!  But dont press back. If you press back, the phone will capture signal again.

If any caller call you then, he will hear that your phone is out of network range! These tricks work on almost every phone.

Have you tried any of them? Share your experience in comments..  also share if you have any other trick to Make Mobile Number unreachable.

Written by Tripathi Kinjalk

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