An Introduction to Sitemaps and their Importance for SEO

Nearly 10 years ago,Most of Government Websites had an HTML page named “Sitemap” which ordinarily contains a list of all links of that website. It can still be seen in many websites. Normally these sitemaps created manually as a bulleted HTML link list . Now Most of Sitemaps Generated in XML format instead of HTML and their main target is changed to crawlers from visitors. In This Post, we will Introduce sitemap and Elaborate its role in SEO.


What is a Sitemap ?

Sitemap is a publicly accessible list of all pages of that websites/blog. A sitemap tells crawlers and your visitors about all your pages of your blog. Morden XML sitemaps are generated for crawlers only which helps search engines to better crawl your website by giving them information about all pages of your website. XML sitemaps also contains other useful information for search engine crawlers like which links are important and update frequency of pages.

XML Sitemap Generated in WordPress (Click to Enlarge)

Different Formats of Sitemaps

Generally Sitemaps are in two formats – XML and HTML.

XML Sitemaps are mainly created for search engines . These contains many information related to your pages like their priority  , Change frequency and last change etc. These information help search engines to index your site better way.

HTML Sitemaps are an HTML page which contains a bulleted list of pages. This type sitemaps are created for Human visitors.

Some search engines also accept CSV & TXT sitemaps.


Importance of Sitemap For your Website

A Sitemap makes your site easy to navigate and Search engine friendly. Sitemaps are an easy and important way to communicate with search engines and Web crawlers. An updated XML sitemap helps search engines and web crawlers to crawl your website in better way while an HTML sitemap helps your visitors to find relevant content.

If you are not using sitemaps , then search engines may miss Non-linked pages of your website. Result ! Your site will not appear properly in search and you may miss a good amount of organic traffic. Creating and Submitting sitemaps to search engines like Google and Bing makes sure that they know about your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by their normal crawling process. Sitemaps not increase ranking of your site but very important for SEO. That’s why that every blogger and webmaster must use sitemaps .

Have you created and submitted sitemap of your blog to Search Engines ? If not do it today. In next posts I will tell you how to create sitemap of your website or blog ? So Keep checking Regulerly.

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Written by Tripathi Kinjalk

Kinjalk Tripathi is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog MethodToEarn.Com. He writes topics related to SEO, Blogging ,Make Money Online, Reviews etc. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or send him email at

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  1. Your post has educated me a lot about the sitemap.I did not know much of difference between xml and html map though i got sitemap of my blog made by a professional…

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