My First Blog Income Report July – August 2013

Now more than a half year has been passed but I’m still a part time blogger and not able to post regularly due to load of  Work and Study but when I get time ,I try to post a useful article on my blog. Within Last two Month I spent some time on my blog and published some useful articles but I amazed when I received very good response. Now I’m receiving around 150 Visitors Daily With 1.8 Pageview per visitor .

I still haven’t put adsense in but It earned around $500 (U.S. Dollors ) with in Last Two Months from various sources which is good for a Small Blog such as . Since it was my first income from my blog , so I decided to publish this blog income report. Blog Income Report July-August 2013 Blog Income Report July-August 2013

In this Report , I’m going to explore only blog earnings from I also Earned few hundred dollars in this period by offering various services but I haven’t included them in this report .

Monthly breakup of revenue received in July – August 2013 :

  • Affiliate:               $369
  • Paisalive:             $30
  • Advertising :      $75
  • Others:                 $30


  • Total:                        $504


Screenshots of Payments:

Below are the screenshots of some of my earnings and payments  –

 iPage Web Hosting Affiliate Program

iPage Payment Screenshot

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Payment

GoDaddy Payment Screenshot


Chitika Payment Screenshot


Paisalive Payment Proof August 2013 (Click to Enlarge)


Few Days ago I Applied for a Google Adsense Account and Now my application has been approved for 1st step. They granted access to my adsense account and I  implemented adsense code on my blog. Now my blog is under review for final approval , Hope they will approve it soon.


Also share your income report from online work for the last month. Which new technique you used, and worked for you?

Written by Tripathi Kinjalk

Kinjalk Tripathi is founder and editor-in-chief of popular blog MethodToEarn.Com. He writes topics related to SEO, Blogging ,Make Money Online, Reviews etc. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or send him email at

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  1. This is interesting – most of the income is from affiliate network.I depend solely on adsense for my revenue.Actually i deal with a niche segment of Jobs in Medical Sector in India for which i have not been able to find a suitable affiliate network for my blog..It will be great if you can suggest one….

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